Working with the power of music – Radio Lewes began as a micro-webcasting initiative of disabled people based in Lewes, East Sussex – our motto is “Radio Lewes – Where The Music Matters” 

Radio Lewes is a community interest company focussing on giving people the opportunity to webcast to the world.  It has its own governing board and although separately run it is fully supported by the Oyster Project charity and its members.

The Our Lewes interview team including Sabin the Guide Dog

IP Radio gives us a creative voice and opportunities using the medium of music of all types.

Radio Lewes also provides a window into the world for people, we visit places and events in Lewes so that people who can’t, get to hear and see what is available.

Radio Lewes delivers work experiences and engages people in creative activities and focussed endeavours based around online IP ‘radio’ broadcasting.  People taking part are able to develop technical knowledge, improve literacy and work towards greater numeracy. The entire station has been set up by disabled people and is managed, maintained and developed by a management team composed of active participants and presenters.

Radio Lewes can be listened to online via any computer, on web equipped mobile phones such as the iPhone, on iPods with a web connection such as the iPod Touch, or via an Internet capable DAB radio.  We have different channels each with distinct content.

Internet Radios, what are they?
The latest generation of radios are capable of receiving many stations, conventional FM via radio waves, DAB and DAB+ via a digital radio signal and now IP radio (Internet radio) via a wifi connection from your broadband.  IP radio opens up an entire world of free radio stations including ours and works just like radio as we all know it.  IP radio is both worldwide and very, very local, a bit like Lewes then….

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